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China: Japan over the diaoyu islands must not be allowed to take any unilateral action

    9 according to report of xinhua news agency's foreign ministry spokesman liu weimin said at a regular press conference, China has 7 respectively in Beijing and Tokyo in solemn representation on "purchase" the diaoyu island movement.

    Q: Japan's leaders after 7, reveal the intent "purchase" the diaoyu islands, China has been to Japan a stand? Said liu weimin, China's foreign ministry and embassy in Japan is responsible for the officials have respectively in Beijing and Tokyo on the 7th, the solemn representation of the relevant Japanese movement, shows that the Chinese government to defend the diaoyu islands territorial sovereignty of firm position, stressed that China will never allow Japan over the diaoyu islands and its affiliated islands to take any unilateral action.

    He introduces, the 7th day, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman again shows that China's position on the diaoyu islands, points out that the diaoyu island and its affiliated islands are China's inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable historical and legal basis, China's sacred territory will never allow anyone to buy and sell. "The Chinese government will continue to take necessary measures to resolutely safeguard the sovereignty of the diaoyu island and its affiliated islands." Liu weimin said.