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    National leaders in china-africa cooperation on July 19, number one below announcement on the BBS: China will provide $20 billion in loans to Africa. He also promised to expand in China's assistance to Africa and investment, and will focus on support for African infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing, and small and medium-sized enterprises, help train the talent, and to provide 18000 government scholarships, as well as to send medical personnel to Africa.

    Xinhua Beijing, July 19 (xinhua Liao Lei LiuDongKai) BBS the fifth ministerial meeting of china-africa cooperation Saturday morning at the great hall of the people. Chinese President hu jintao attended the opening ceremony and delivered a titled "create a new situation china-africa new-type strategic partnership" speech, pointed out to with high sense of responsibility and mission, to adapt to the new situation, put forward the new target, launch new initiatives, and solve new problems, efforts to create a new situation the china-africa strategic partnership.

    South Africa's President Jacob zuma, benin's President yayi boni, equatorial guinea's President teodoro obiang nguema mbasogo, djibouti President GaiLai, President of Niger, Iraq, ivory coast's President alassane ouattara, and cape Verde prime minister neves, Kenyan prime minister raila odinga, President's special envoy to Egypt eminem, the UN secretary-general, ban ki-moon, and the minister of 50 African countries to establish diplomatic ties with China and the African union (au) commission chairman jean peaceful parts of Africa regions and international organizations on behalf of attended the opening ceremony.

    The meeting's theme is "the create a new situation china-africa new-type strategic partnership". Participants will be fully assess BBS in 2009 the fourth ministerial meeting of the follow-up actions to carry out the situation, to explore the ways and methods of deepening china-africa new-type strategic partnership, promote the development of BBS system, identify key areas of cooperation in the next three years and the main measures and formulate relevant action plan, exchange views on major international and regional issues.

    China-africa cooperation BBS was founded 12 years, has become an important platform for china-africa collective dialogue and effective mechanism of practical cooperation. BBS the fifth ministerial meeting of china-africa cooperation is a step into the second decade of the BBS development minister will for the first time, which is significant to the china-africa relationship continuity, and after.