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Years to subsidies to phase out backward lead-acid battery capacity

    Ministry of industry and consumer goods company officials held in 13 "2012 China electrical equipment industry association of lead-acid battery branch of the seventh second general meeting" on, according to the ministry is working with the ministry of finance coordination, program jointly promulgated for eliminating backward lead battery production enterprises of fiscal subsidies.

    Lead-acid battery industry is a new "on the" close down backward production facilities in 2012 industries. 9, the ministry published the first batch of 2579 "list, eliminate backward production capacity is 92 lead-acid battery enterprises, the total capacity of up to about 30 million KVAH.

    To encourage "listed" lead battery enterprises in order to carry out the work, the ministry has been send together with the Treasury to research the special fiscal subsidy programmes. Although specific subsidies is still under discussion, will confirm as soon as the end of the implementation of subsidies. Each battery enterprises "listed" lead in eliminating task finished, can through the enterprise region's hall to the country is reported to the ministry to apply for subsidies, after check by the central government unified distribution.