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Yesterday morning, the national working committee on aging issued the 2010 China urban and rural elderly population status tracking key data report. It was after 2000 and 2006, the third to the tracking of the elderly living conditions, is also the only departments approved by the national bureau of statistics in scientific investigation.

    Rural pension in 74 yuan

    Reports indicate that the social old-age security coverage, the town of 84.7%, average monthly pension of 1527 yuan; Rural 34.6%, average monthly pension of 74 yuan. Only for the urban elderly average monthly pension payments ($1527) of nearly 5%. Rural town average annual income of 17892 yuan, an average annual income of $4756. Deduct price factors, urban old people increased only 1.1 times the average income in ten years, in rural areas has increased by 1.5 times. Old people average income structure, the old-age security of the old people in the city accounted for 86.8%, and the rural is mainly rely on family and land endowment, old-age security account for only 18.7%. The next period, the old-age security of the important task is to implement full coverage of old-age security.

    deputy director of the national working committee office on aging, China aging Wu Yushao, director of the center for scientific research in our country the elderly security and income level is still relatively low, weak ability to resist risk, because the old man likely to get sick at the same time, the medical burden is very heavy. At present, expand security coverage and improve the level of security, or a job. It is necessary to reform the Some rural elderly, in particular, has become one of the main groups of the national poverty reduction policy. Due to quite a number of people engaged in agricultural labor, working to make ends meet, once the old, easy to make ends meet. Therefore, countries in raising the retirement income, there are a lot of work to do.

    Stay in a nursing home will decline

    According to the survey, family endowment will always occupy the mainstream. In the city endowment institutions, the proportion of urban old people want to live endowment institutions, fell from 18.6% to 11.3% in ten years, the rural elderly is decreased from 14.4% to 12.5%. At the same time, in terms of self-reported individual (family) ability to pay, can cost $1016 a month on average in cities and towns, countryside is RMB 172.

    Housing Wu Yushao: most older people to own their own property, these are the reasons why old people choose home endowment. And endowment institutions inevitably there are some disadvantages, such as providing homogeneity of life, their also have some requirements to the old. Therefore, no matter the old man or children, are more willing to old people living in a familiar community and family, the future return to the community and family as well as the consensus of the ageing country. From many countries came to see the world today, check endowment institutions always isn't the main way of the elderly.