Recruit operators several

    Job Title   Recruit operators several
    Vacancies    Workplace   
    Salary    Expiration   2013-05-22

    One. The recruitment and enrolment requirements:
    1. Men and women not limited; 20-45 years old
    2. A healthy body, no infectious disease, skin disease, parallel to the regular, bears hardships and stands hard work, love and dedication;
    3. When registration please bring id card, certificate, health certificate, please;
    4. The battery industry operation experience preferred;
    Two. Salary and welfare:
    1. Piece rate: 2000-3500 yuan a month, work more, salary month knot;
    2. Perfect attendance 50 yuan per month;
    3. The company free of charge for employees to provide labor protection articles;
    4. The company to deal with the various insurance prescribed by the state; Sign labor contract;
    5. Lunch subsidies;
    6. With college degree or above in technical workers in the company internal competition is first consideration;

    Contact person: miss
    Telephone: 0517-82738306
    Email address: recruit_jiayou@163.com